Accessories for woodburners

As important as choosing the right fireplace or stove is matching all the necessary accessories. In wide product range you will find everything what lets to manage the woodburners work and to raise the productivity of heating system. All accessories were accurately surveyed and verified thanks to this we can enjoy our fireplace systems for many years. All elements were designed to take care for your safety and comfort. Thanks to our accessories you can choose how to use the heat from the fireplace (rooms or water heating). Our products are compatible with different heating boilers or solars.


Air rekuperaot

Ultimately, it is installed at the end of the exhaust, any fireplace.

fireplace accessories rekuperator

Water rekuperator

Installed on the end of the exhaust outlet of the heating contribution fireplace.

control unit hajduk

Control unit HAJDUK

Helpful in controlling the operation of the devices CO Where the fireplace with water is the main source of heating.

fireplace control unit

Control unit KOMINEK PLUS

Product designed for large-scale heating (fireplaces with water jacket cooperating with a heating water devices).

control unit for woodburners

Control unit KOMINEK LUX

FIREPLACE LUX is a regulator control circuit with which the heat source is a fireplace with a water jacket.

wood-burner control unit

Control unit PLUM

EcoKOM 200 controller is a microprocessor-based controller CLASSIC graphic display and operating system TOUCH & PLAY.

Uninterruptible Power Supply TZA01A

Uninterruptible Power Supply TZA01A

Emergency power supply A 200 WAC TATAREK used to sustain the operation of the equipment in case of power failure in the power grid.

battery aku01

Battery AKU01

Applications for emergency power supply in • telephone exchanges, • base stations and relay • gyms DC • PSU cable TV, • evacuation lighting, • alarm systems, • UPS-s with power 1-800kVA, etc.