How to choose a fireplace?

fireplace and woodburners - practical tipsIn some regions of the country, wood is the only readily available source of heat, but it is worth to consider allocating the fireplace features from becoming a primary source of heating. However in that case, you must carefully look at its technical parameters and functional, and most of all:

• efficiency – commercially available devices have a minimum efficiency of 70% during normal operation, which means that not less than 70% of the energy is resulting from the burning of wood goes into the room in the form of heat (in the traditional open fireplaces it is usually – 10-15%);
• Nominal power – a very important advantage of cartridges for the fireplace is the ability to use them for heating, using the hot air distribution system. In order to select the suitable means for this contribution, we can assume that 1 kW unit heats approximately 25 m3 (this value is closely dependent on the rate of heat transfer through the building walls). It should take into account the nominal power of the unit, which is averaged over time, and not the maximum, which is reached only for a short time and does not reflect the true potential of the heating equipment;
• Fire safety – in the wooden houses there are more important requirements;
• comfort of use – this decides on the overall replenishment of fuel and ash handling, as well as the ability to adjust performance.

When choosing the cartridge or a fireplace, do not only consider the price. You should also take into consideration future operating costs, resulting from the technical parameters of the equipment, the comfort and safety, and lastly, the technical solutions guaranteeing durability and warranty.