Fireside fireplace insert

fireplace insert prisma WFireplace insert is a heart of every fireplace. It’s the most crucial part of every woodburner and as such, has to be chosen with care and thought.

First of all, you must thoroughly think what kind of fireplace you’ll be building in your house, as not every design will fit the interior of your living room. When you finally choose the general looks of your desired fireplace, you should modify it accordingly, i.e. build it around the fireplace insert, as it will determine the whole design and installation process.

Nowadays, most fireplace inserts are accommodated to work with many types of fireplaces and can be custom-made to suit some more sophisticated, non-standard needs. But in majority of cases, fireplace insert can be used in old fireplaces (those not connected with the house heating system, i.e. without water jacket) and new, multi-purpose types (with water jacket and other technologically advanced devices which turn the fireplace into the secondary heating system). Many fireplace inserts are equipped with thermostats which improve fuel usage. Although “expensive” doesn’t always mean “the best”, usually more technologically advanced fireplace inserts have better efficiency and are cheaper to use, so your investment will quickly pay off.

Oh, about fuel – insert’s construction varies, depending on fuel used in the fireplace (with most common materials being wood, briquette, coal and natural gas), but many models are accommodated to burn several types of fuel. Nevertheless, better be safe than sorry and always ask about this issue before you choose the insert.


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