Where should you store your firewood?

fireplece - wood Designing the space around your fireplace is not an easy task. If you thought that choosing a proper woodburner was hard, you will understand that it’s only half of the job done. You should consider where to store the wood for your fireplace. Although possibilities seem endless, a well-placed firewood storage can be a great decoration.

Placing the wood in the fireplace niche is the most common solution. Putting it in interesting stacks can also be very effective. Neatly cut wood looks great and is not only functional, but can also serve a decorative purpose. Space arrangement around the fireplace depends on woodburner’s location. If it is near the corner of a room, but not in it, we can use the niche for wood storage. The fact that wood close to the fireplace dries faster is an additional advantage. Freshly cut wood is moist in 70%, while firewood should only contain 15% water.

Consequently, put your wood near the fireplace!