Winter is coming

winter is comingIt probably won’t be as bad as the one that comes to Westeros (we can be sure it won’t bring the White Walkers :)), but nevertheless, winters in this climate can be harsh and can attack without any warning.

More remote locations, outside of urban areas, are especially vulnerable when the unexpectedly low temperatures and huge snowfall comes – broken power lines, icy roads, overall poor conditions that make life harder are prevalent during this season and every person who suffered through winter at least once knows that having a secondary heating solution in the household is the way to go.

Aforementioned power outages render most modern heating installations useless, as most of them need electricity to function. Furthermore, contemporary heaters also need fuel which is not readily available on hand – petrol, coal and other fuels are not easy to store unless you have a huge basement and amenities to ensure safety storage. Wood, on the other hand, can be found (and bought) anywhere and if you have a good, energy-efficient fireplace in your house, can help you get through the unexpected harsh conditions without worrying about cold.

Thus, having an efficient woodburner in your house is a must – always remember that modern fireplaces are not only for decoration. Sitting by a crackling fire is a very pleasant feeling, but it is also a sure way to prevent any problems arising from misfortunes caused by winter.

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