Wood burning stoves – the look, the style, the atmosphere

a free stainding woodburnerA stove most often reminds you of a little wood burner heating up your grandparents’ house. Usually, they looked plain and were not very user-friendly. What’s more, they had a little heating power and short burning time. But nowadays, stoves are elegant and economical heat sources. Fire burning bright inside makes the room warmer and more comfy. A stove in your living room changes it into a place from a fairy tale.

All wood burners are equipped with large glass doors through which you can see the wood burning. The glass can be flat or panoramic, smooth or carved.

Stove manufacturers offer a wide range of devices – modern wood burners with large fuel compartments or more traditional ones, with stove lids and ovens. The latter not only create a pleasant, warm atmosphere, but also allow you to bake a cake or prepare dinner. Such solution will prove useful in a summer house and in a rustic kitchen.