Our certificates

From the moment we introduced our products to the market, they were met with great interest amongst German customers. But for us to be able to sell our stoves and fireplace inserts, they had to have undergone a series of demanding quality tests carried out by the German Research Institutes. These tests are considered to be one of the most challenging in the entire Europe.

Our woodburners passed unscathed number of studies in Germany in different, independent research institutes; always producing fantastic results. Each series of stoves and inserts, which we introduced to the German market has always been subjected to demanding tests. Today quality standards for the woodburners on the European market define standards that apply in all countries of the European Union.

We are proud to say that, our products have passed these tests without any objections. Our stoves and fireplaces inserts CE certified and are therefore intended for distribution in the all European Union countries.

Remember that fireplaces and stoves are products that must meet strict guidelines. Products without certificates of unknown origin in question may be very dangerous to use. Make sure to always buy your products from a reliable woodburners manufacturer or his authorised representative.

Below you can find the following certificates, which our stoves and fireplaces products received.

smart fireplaces certificateprisma certificatevolcano d certificate pixel woodburner certificationvolcano at ath certificatevolcano series certificateprisma series eu certificate