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1. Hajduk’s air recuperator has a special structure with an exceptionally large surface for recovery and further transfer of heat. Thanks to that feature it is possible during burning in the fireplace to recover a portion of the heat, which would be irretrievably lost were not for the use of the recuperator.

2. Hajduk’s water recuperator can be mounted in a quick and uncomplicated way on most of Hajduk’s fireplace inserts. It has a special double coil made of copper, thanks to which the recovery and subsequent transfer of even 3,2 kW of heat from the exhaust gases to the water heating installation may take place.

3. Various types of accessories, including, for example, control units facilitating compatibility under various configurations with the majority of modern-type devices such as: gas boilers, ecopellet boilers or solar batteries may assist in the appropriate connection of the fireplace insert with a Hajduk’s water jacket to the central heating installation.


Fireplace inserts


1.Owing to their modern double-jacket structure Hajduk’s fireplace inserts are reliable and robust heating devices.

2. In Hajduk’s fireplace inserts the chamotte blocks in the hearth are 5cm thick, thanks to which they can accumulate more heat and better stabilize the temperature during burning lasting many hours.

3. Thanks to providing Hajduk’s fireplace inserts with the automatic flue damper with 3-step adjustment, the force of the chimney draught can be adjusted to obtain the best burning parameters.

4. The flue tube inside the flue of Hajduk’s fireplace inserts constitutes an additional exchanger recovering heat from the exhaust gases.

5. The Clear View windowpane self-cleaning system is used as standard in all Hajduk’s fireplace inserts. It allows for the prolonged maintenance of cleanliness of the heat-resistant windowpane without the need for the use of cleaning agents. One of the condition that is required for the effective operation of the Clear View system is burning of dry, seasoned wood.

6. The thermal efficiency of Hajduk’s fireplace inserts may reach, depending on the model, even 79%. Due to such good results it is possible to use less fuel and to protect the natural environment for future generations.

7. In the majority of Hajduk’s fireplace inserts with the doors that open upwardly the Perfect Seal & Easy Roll system is used. Thanks to the applied advanced technological solutions it ensures its quiet and easy use and increased tightness of the hearth.

8. Hajduk’s fireplace inserts are fitted as standard with the external air inlet and distribution system – Jet Stream. The system ensures a fuller control over the burning process, lesser usage of fuel and meets the requirements of the modern building industry.

9. Hajduk’s fireplace inserts have the specially designed, lower than the door, hearth’s bottom, where the surplus amount of ash is accumulated reducing the need for frequent cleaning of the ash pan and providing a stable basis for the burning wood chips.

10. Hajduk’s fireplace insert should be connected to the chimney of at least the same diameter than that of the stub pipe of the exhaust vent. It is one of the indispensable conditions for the good, stable burning of wood and for ensuring good draught to the chimney. It is particularly important in case of large fireplace inserts with substantial surfaces of the doors.

11. Hajduk’s fireplace inserts with the Jet Stream Extra air supply and distribution system are adapted to draw the majority of air for burning from outside of the building. The air should be supplied from outside of the building through a pipe of at least 150 mm in diameter that should be tightly connected to the connection stub. The Jet Stream Extra system is mounted without additional cost – the only thing the customer needs to do is to provide the name when ordering the specific fireplace insert.



1. Properly built fireplaces have suitably sized openings at the bottom and top of the casing ensuring a constant flow of convected air that guarantees a long-lasting problem-free usage.

2. The layer of ash and residue of the burned wood that has accumulated in the hearth over a couple of days facilitates lighting of the wood. With favourable weather conditions therefore there is no need for its daily removal.

Fireplace inserts with a water jacket



1. Each Hajduk’s fireplace insert with a water jacket before its despatch is subjected to a pressure tightness testing at the special inspection station.

2. The thermal efficiency in the inserts with a water jacket may reach 78%. Such good results have been reserved for the inserts heating with air only.

3. Hajduk’s inserts with a water jacket have their entire hearth lined with chamotte, thanks to which higher and more stable temperatures inside the combustion chamber can be achieved when compared to the inserts without chamotte lining.

4. Hajduk’s inserts with a water jacket have a cooler made from a special acid resistant steel corrugated coil. It additionally protects the system against overheating.

5. It is possible to order an internal heat exchanger as an accessory for the Hajduk’s fireplace inserts. It is a special corrugated coil of suitable length immersed in the water jacket. It allows for a simple connection to the central heating installation without the use of an external plate exchanger.

6. Volcano WL/WP inserts with a a water jacket oferred without a vertical corner post ensure modern stylistics of the fireplace. Due to the large door surface, however, they exceptionally require a suitably chosen chimney, which will ensure the correct chimney draught, burning of the dry and seasoned wood as well as the appropriate heating up of the fireplace-chimney system. Otherwise, during the opening of the door wing a considerable disturbance of the chimney draught may be created leading to the smoke reversing to the room and to the formation of other unfavourable effects.

Doors and fireboxes made to measure


1. Mounting of a Hajduk’s fireplace door in the open hearth should stabilize the burning process, improving the efficiency of the heating system and additionally safeguarding against flying out of sparks.

2. Hajduk’s fireplace doors have a special flue damper for controlling air inlet to the hearth. Thanks to that, the burning in the fireplace is more stable and can be better controlled.

3. It is easy to assemble Hajduk’s fireplace doors and it can be done by the customer. It does not require a lot of time either.

4. The open fireplace can be improved in a non-invasive way by means of using Hajduk’s fireboxes that are made to measure. Due to the construction design without the protruding flue the fireboxes made to measure can be inserted into the existing hearth’s hole without the need to modify the ornamental elements of the existing fireplace casing.