Premium quality fireplace inserts

We offer a great selection of best quality fireplace inserts. Here you can find inserts in various shapes, dimensions and decorative finishings. Thanks to this you can get that one, suitable for your room.

Our products are economic, innovative and technically advanced. Modern solutions used in inserts designs let to maximize their heating capabilities. Besides standard dimensions inserts, we offer also non-standard made for individual order. They will serve you for many years without any failures. Our fireplace inserts are one of the best available on European market.

Hajduk is a specialist company in the field of the premium class fireplace inserts.

In our offer you will find over 1,000 designs, differing from each other in dimensions, shapes, attributes and even the way of opening the door.

Enjoying considerable success fireplace inserts with a water plane, which are not only an additional source of heating overall but also the water heating at home. They are compatible with multiple furnaces C.O. heating (oil and gas), and are also very easy to connect to an existing home system CO.

In our offer we also have inserts that allow the heating of several rooms in the house.

Dynamic home heating system (a combination of central heating stove with a multifunctional fireplace inserts) is a practical, simple and cost-effective solution for any home.

Fireplace Inserts by Company Hajduk are recommended by many manufacturers in Europe.


Most models of inserts are available with the door – dimensions of 45, 51 and 57 centimetres. The cartridges are produced in two versions, opening on the left and right hand sides, depending on the wishes of the customer. Woodburners with doors opening up are marked with the letter “h”. All cartridges are built with a Jetstream or JestStream Extra system.