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Purchasing a stove or an insert for your fireplace can be a considerable expense in the family budget. However same as a worktop for your kitchen, it will be there for many years, and you want it to last as long as possible therefore it’s always better to purchase a better product. In worktop’s case – granite, quartz and marble are much more likely to last longer than a laminate, though at a more expensive price. It pays off however, and it is the same case with fireplaces inserts and stoves – every owner of a fireplace notices a huge difference in costs of heating once a fireplace has been used. This is why the decision of purchasing a fireplace should always be greatly considered.

Our fireplaces inserts, wood burning stoves and fireplaces are premium quality products.

Purchasing it you have a guaranteed assurance that it is a high standard product, and thus will be reliable for many years to come.

We constantly research new trends when it comes to furnishing interiors in the architecture and designing branches, therefore we want our fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts to suit such trends – we want them to be a part of the design and be made out of the best quality materials, at the same time possessing a very attractive and new characteristics.


Our fireplaces and stoves serve two functions – a useful function, meaning that they will actually be used and will provide the buyer the best comfort, it is meant as a product that will heat up many interiors within your house. The other function is rather simple, decoration – a way in which they will suit both traditional and modern designs of living rooms.