Wood burning stoves

You have a home in modern design and you dream of nice, warm wood burning stoves? We present you new innovative stoves, which are made according to the latest trends in modern style. These free-standing fireplaces intentionally have very universal look to combine with every new and fashionable interior. Besides their appropriable features, stoves are also beautiful and stylish decoration of the room. They are available in different and unique models. Our fireplaces from Pixel series don’t take a lot of place, so they will be suitable also for small spaces. Our stoves comply with safety standards and have low CO emission.

Wood burning stoves that combines minimalist and elegant look with high safety standards

This wood burning stoves series have undergone stringent testing to meet European standards for woodburners. They are original stoves will warm up any interior, providing a unique natural warmth of the fireside. These free-standing wood burners are characterized by unusual designs, they depart from the standard patterns.

Pixel series is a simple, minimalist block, decorated with ceramic plates (different varieties of designs to choose from). They are a great fit for modern interiors, a diverse range of colours of Pixel allows you to choose the wood burning stove that is best suited to the interior.


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pixel madura gold

Pixel Madura Gold

Minimalist lump decorated with warm and golden shades of the stone.

pixel jurasic pink

Pixel Jurasic Pink

Stove decorated with natural light stone.

Pixel Multicolor

The combination of simple cubist blocks of timeless elegance of darker stone.

Pixel Inox

Floral decoration of the stove.

Pixel Nero Asoluto

Stove with elegant, dark ornamentations.